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On the subject of ???

My comic, if I can say so myself, is mysterious. The Detective is a mystery, why I use sin city colours is a mystery, where the comic takes place is a mystery, and I don't even know how to pronounce the title.

I do know what's going to happen though, so here's a couple insights to the comic, that does not spoil much.

??? has no main plot. The detectives story follows along several cases, none of which are connected, this makes it so the reader can jump in any case and not feel lost while trying to make sense of the plot they just started reading.

??? has continuity. There are re-occuring characters in the book, they have their own little mini-arcs, and their characters are developed along the way. If a store was shut down in the first case, it will still be shut down in the second case.

In terms of writing, and continuity, think of each case as an episode of the Venture Bros. which is my biggest influence in writing this comic. I'm not going to make one long case out of the entire series, making the comic one long piece of continuity.

The continuity of the comic will be sublte, and have a bit more, in my opinion, impact, so when you're reading the comic, you'll notice it, and the narrative will not force it in your face with a million flash backs like Mangas such as Naruto, or Bleach does.

The Detective is not our protagonist.
The detective is main character, but not our protagonist. The protagonist will vary with each case. Each case follows a different character interacting with the detective on the specific case.
Think of the detective as V, and each differen't case has it's own Evey.

??? is a finite series. The comic does have an ending, something that will end the series on an appropriate note, and will tie up all loose ends for the characters. It is not planned out all the way just yet, but I do know that it will focus on, and I have no intention of revealing just yet.

??? is not a gritty noir comic. I don't like gritty noir comics. Not even Sin City, the only thing I like about Sin City is Frank Miller's high contrast art. Their writing, is profoundly detailed, but completely unimaginative. The only thing ??? does is spoof this.

If anybody has any other Questions on ??? I'll be happy to answer, just PM me.

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